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Memorial Garden dedicated to Robert Maytum, Sr.

The Camp Gross Foundation has prepared a plan to build a memorial garden dedicated to Robert Maytum, Sr.  The site and materials are described in the enclosed material.

Bob Maytum, Sr. was an ardent supporter of Camp Gross all his life and was especially helpful in preserving Camp Gross as a Youth Camp for all Youth Groups when the Scout Council decided to give the Camp up.  This action was typical of so many acts of kindness and support to a vast array of community programs that typified Bob's life.  This Memorial Garden will remember him and carry forward the giving spirit which enlivened his life.

From time to time others who cherish Camp Gross have asked that we create a remembrance garden where their friends could also be recognized as we intend to make this also a part of the Robert Maytum, Sr. Memorial Garden.

The Camp Gross Foundation requests your financial support to make this possible.  The life and work of Bob Maytum, Sr. will always be an example to us all and a great source of community pride.

The total cost will be about $3,000.  Some labor and plant material will be donated.  We hope to do this project in April and May of 2007.  Thanks for your help!


Edwin Hamlet
Camp Gross Foundation

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